Ajman does not have that same number if sightseeing as compare to other cities but tourist still love to visit there. Besides the foreigners, the local of United Arab Emirates visit Ajman for its beaches. Ajman has the long strip of a white-sand beach that is famous with weekend-breakers from the Dubai looking for the quiet patch of beautiful, warm sand.


The coastline around Ajman is surrounded by the luxurious hotels each of them with their patch of natural white sand. It is one of prettiest beaches in the Arab Emirates which grabs the attention of the tourist. The coastline all around Ajman is rimmed by luxury hotels, each with their private patch of pristine white sand. If you are are looking for the serious sun and sand time, then choose a Caryaati rental car in Ajman to visit this luxurious beach and hotel. After the beach you must pay a visit to the Ajman Museum which exhibits local lifestyles, excellent gallery showing archaeological from nearby sites and much more.


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